Monday, March 21, 2016

Veterans homelessness down in major cities, but the battle still rages

        While it has taken years for government bureaucracy to realize and address the epidemic of veterans homelessness, recent successes across the country are beginning to show that there is hope in this fight. Across the country, cities like New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Boston have shown remarkable progress in addressing this serious matter, finally showing responsiveness to the cries from the American people to take care of the men and women who have given so much for our nation only to end up living on the streets. This positive change came about from partnerships between state and federal government as well as private organizations and charities that have already done amazing work addressing general homelessness, a new approach that has proven to be surprisingly effective. In addition to the successes in major cities, the states of Virginia and Connecticut have declared that they have "virtually ended" veterans homelessness. While impressive, the actual number of homeless veterans is not easily quantified and the American people would be wise to remain skeptical of these claims. It is also important to consider that veteran homelessness is an ongoing issue that demands constant attention and the government and private sector must continue working together to address this problem instead of resting on their accomplishments. These improvements are a major step in the fight for our honored veterans, but the war against veteran homelessness is far from over.

- Semper Fi, Matt

This post references the following article from the Boston Globe

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