Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Is Donald Trump a good candidate for vets?

      Does Donald Trump really care about veterans? Is he the best presidential candidate for veterans? If you look primarily at website platform and the amount of space devoted to veterans and veterans issues, he is one of the best options. If he is so great for veterans, then why have multiple veteran's organizations and veterans spoken out against Trump?    
     The American Future Fund recently released ads that targeted Trump. The ads had Prisoner of War veterans speak out against him, especially against his claims that POWs are losers. In an interview, Trump claimed that John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured and he likes people that are not captured. The veteran in the video was disgusted by the comments and mentions that Trump would not survive as a POW. Does a candidate that truly cares about our veterans make a statement like that one?       Earlier last month, Donald Trump had held an event for veterans in Iowa. The presidential candidate stated that he was going to give all the money made at the event to different veterans organizations. The Wounded Warrior Project, one of the most well known veterans organizations, said they would not be accepting any of Donald Trump's money if he decided to give some to them. They did not want to be a pawn in Donald Trump's campaign when he does not have an actual plan to help veterans. Does he really care about veterans' issues and will he make veterans a priority if he becomes President? Based on his previous behavior, his sudden interest in veteran's affairs seems to be a campaigning ploy to rise in the polls. We need a president that actually cares about veterans and will do something for them.  -Jess

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