Monday, June 29, 2015

Veterans Become Forefront of 2016 Primary Strategy

With the 2016 election season heating up, many presidential hopefuls are shifting their focus toward the issues facing our men and woman in uniform.

According to the Daily Beast, veterans account for over 8% of New Hampshire’s population. Such disproportionate impact means the Granite State’s delegates will likely be awarded to the candidate best articulating solutions to the many problems our veterans face.

Several presidential hopefuls have embarked upon the journey of the many VFWs in New Hampshire. Such as veteran Senator Lindsey Graham and former Chairman of the Senate Committee on the VA Senator Bernie Sanders. However, one GOP candidate is taking his military message beyond New Hampshire.

Stumping for veterans issues has become a must in South Carolina. The Palmetto State is home to 8 military bases and a tremendous voting block of veterans. Rick Perry, the three time governor from Texas, is taking his pro-military message to the voters of South Carolina. For Perry, caring for veterans is both a public and private policy.

Perry’s life was forever changed when Marcus Luttrell, a distinguished veteran and author of the bestselling memoir Lone Survivor, arrived on the doorstep of the governor’s mansion in need of assistance. Luttrell explained to the Perry family that he was hurting and required guidance.

Rick and Anita Perry immediately took the former soldier under their wing. He lived with the first couple of Texas for extended periods of time, becoming an adopted member of the family. In fact their bond grew so strong Rick was recently named the Godfather of Luttreall’s children.

Regardless of your thoughts on the current Republican and Democratic fields, Put Vets First is pleased that lawmakers with track records of supporting veterans, such as Sanders and Perry, are hoisting the issues affecting our military to the forefront of the 2016 presidential debate. We are excited to see candidates’ future efforts to help fight for those who bravely fought for us.

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